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Wayne´s page


Wayne Harris lives in Australia, and has one main objective: To build Australia´s finest antique bottle collection!

Many will probably know that the objective has been reached long time ago.


On this page you can get in touch with Wayne, and ask him about Australian bottles. Hopefully he knows the answer to your question.

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Wayne Harris and his beloved galah: "Tyga", who can say more than 40 different things. Ofcourse he also say´s: "G'day mate!"




A rare Australian bottle is what Wayne likes most!! wayne.jpg (49302 bytes)


Articles and information about Australian bottles here:
newspin.gif (1263 bytes)H.E. KUGELMANN by Wayne Harrisnewspin.gif (1263 bytes)


wanted copy.jpg (22020 bytes) This advertisement was brought by the Australian Bottle And Collectables Rewiev, please notice that currency is AU$.

Ask Wayne

                                        Mail to Wayne here!

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Some of Wayne's fancy and pictorial Gin, just the way he likes his bottles to appear:
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The rooster belongs to George and Yvonne Yates