Vagn Petersen's Danish Bottles




Here youŽll find many beautiful pictures of old handmade bottles from a past time. This is yet one of the few Danish webpages about collecting bottles.

IŽm always looking for people to sell, buy or trade some bottles with.

Collecting bottles is still quite rare in Denmark, so maybe youŽll find many treasures here, as we have many antique shops and outdoor markets in the summertime!!

If you want to buy, sell, trade or discuss bottles donŽt hesitate to send me an e-mail.

My primary interrest for bottles is the hand-blown Danish bottles wich means bottles from before aorund 1925. Bottles with embossed text or seals, other significant shapes and colors are my prefered interrest. My speciality is finding bottles in lakes.

Do you have any Danish bottles wich you believe might interrest me please send me an e-mail.

Welcome to my bottles.


Vagn Petersen.